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Main Difference Between Government Job and Government's Job in India

Main Difference Between Government Job and Government's Job in India

A- In government job you will have following Facilities..
1- Monthly Salary On time..
2- Family Security ( Economically)
3-No monitoring and Performance Metric
4-Always ready to keep away from Taking responsibility of any  job.
5-Try as much as possible people to move from One office to other for simple work.
6-Be ready for Strike ( 24 hrs )
7-If people ask any information explain in such a manner so he cant understand very long process.
8-No competition and cooperation from other department ( Aham Bramhaisim)

B-In government's Job you have following Facilities
1-Salary on time
2-Family Security ( Economically)
3-Monitoring and Performance metric
4-Must be accountable for Self Decision and Work.
5-Help people as much as possible without dely.
6-Be Ready for work ( 24 hrs)
7-If any question asked by People Try to answer if don't Know immediate Search from google or Ask your Senior and reply.
8-Healthy  competitive  environment .
If you like to choose Option A we can't help and request you do not join our Group. If you select  Option B we most welcome you to join our Group and Support us. Just send an email with your interest and expertise at

We are in the process to making a Group of 50000 people named ( Highly Skilled Group) 
this group will Take contract of almost all Government Contracts in India  and perform better than any Government Department . Training will be provided to Group Members Online/offline Mode.

This group Named "HSW" will follow following rules.
1- There will be two Council "Lower" and " Upper"
2- Lower council will have 101 members and upper council will have 51 members .
3- Basic qualification to be a member of the group "HSW" will be High School 
4- Lower council members Basic Qualification will be "Graduate"
5-Upper council member's Basic Qualification will be Post Graduate with 5 Years Experience in Specialized field.
6-Proposal and work will be made my Lower council Member and 2/3 members approval will be necessary from both council to bring it in reality.
7-All members including General and Council will perform their duty and share their daily work report over internet.
8-every member will spend Equal amount of money to take any contract from government .
9- The profit will be equally divided to members as per their share and work performance.


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