Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Courage to Take Risk in Life

There are so many people in our society they are successful and there are some who are not successful . What is main difference between a successful and unsuccessful people is just two letter UN .

Main issue comes when you don't want to take Risk in Life.. Never think that what others will think about you.. Just do the work . There is only two option either you will win or loose . If you win then well and good and if you loose then also well and good because you will learn that this method is wrong.

Events in life always give some lesson to you ..
Believe that what ever happen is always good because you are just an artist in the world and your remote is in hand of GOD.

What ever you do just devote to god you will be free from sin because you are just a medium of the work and director is someone else.

If your basic need i.e. Food , house and other is fulfilled then there is no fear to take risk Go ahed and achieve your Dream..

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