Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Aim of Life

Each and every person  in this world is born with  certain works and aim . Their role is almost fixed by this  nature (GOD-Generate Operate , Destruction) . 

Many people said that they are trying to search themselves actually they tried to know the reason and aim of their life on this earth once they got it they become great and Ideal for others.  A common man like me you(Reader's of this blog) is always busy to collect money and facilities for life and it never get ends.
Once we achieve one thing next day we try to get another thing and this process continues till our life. 
One simple example is when we study  in school our target is o achieve good marks and study hard once schooling is over our next target is o search for College and career for our self  Once this is achieved we again try for job and once we get some sort of salaried job again we are in search of more salary job if this is also achieved we try for more and more and more this process continue till our whole life and one day we leave all this on this earth and Nature absorb us. 

This process continue for each and every person on this earth. Just a moment think it little bigger when a country is in developing stage it try for more facilities and try to become Developed Nation once this is achieved The country try to reach to moon , Jupitor,Mars, Sun etc etc and shows his development to world about the technology and science of its achievements . All this process continue and its endless process.

Nature Given us a very good challenge that as much we try to know about nature it become more and more complex and vast . Till date our scientist have acquired so much knowledge and  reached till end of our universe but still more is left for explore.

Lets Discuss and find what is AIM of Your Life...........
Frankly I want to say that Our life Fist Aim is to Provide 10 K people Job in IT Industry in coming 5 years and this process continue on every five year for extra 10K people .....

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