Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Truth Behind Reliance LYF Jio Phone

Truth Behind Reliance LYF Jio Phone
Two Days Before I purchased Reliance LYF Flame 1 Mobile phone . This is very popular in Eastern UP and many people are Buying it because its three month offer. 
Offers are ..
 3 month unlimited call, Unlimited Internet and all its costs around 3500 Rs . 
It looks Very cheap compare to other companies plan.... 
Have you ever thought why it is so easy any cheap ....?
Why Data Speed is So fast on this network?
OK No problem I will tell ...
Reliance implemented the net Neutrality from back door....
There are some websites which contents are blocked. I checked the Site of BBC and   INDEED ( Employer login) The Image contents are blocked There may be many websites but I haven't check all of them.
Facbook and other social sites are working fine..

 Now most of the site which  is so called independent media will be blocked on this network.

this is Trail session of Reliance....
Once it is successful and you will be habitual you will pay for data as other companies but you will see filterd content...

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