Monday, 11 July 2016

10 Tips for Healthy and Happy Life

 10 Tips for Healthy and Happy Life


1- Wake up Morning around 4.30-5.30 AM 

2-Brush and Fresh then Drink at least 1 Liter Water.

3-Do some Exercise and take Green Tea and Read  News Paper.

4-Bath and do some worship of any God you like.

5-Write one page name of God you like .

6-Take breakfast Some fruit / Juice / almond etc...

7- Write all the work you need to do today and priorities them

8-Get Ready for work and think this will be best Day in your life  keep busy yourself in work/office/Job. Have Lunch around 1-2 pm sit relaxed and enjoy the lunch. Again do your work/job with full enthusiasm and energy.

9-Come to home and take a cup of coffee with your family spend time with them.

10- At 11 PM when you are ready for rest  analysis Current day achievement and plan for next day. 

Say Good Night  Sleep Tight Wake up Bright always be on TIME

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